Body Language Basics Course #1

Welcome to the first of three lessons  in “Body Language Basics” crash course.

This is a review of the  “5-Star Crash-Course body language of men, the one that will allow you to understand Male Psychology That Quickly Puts YOU in Control… Without Him Ever Knowing It”

As I stated earlier, I will get to the body language of men later, I will  first take you down the road of the basics of body language so you will be ready to digest the others when you come to them.

Each post you will receive a lesson that will help you better understand and interpret the signs and signals of body language.

As you have read in a past post, called,what body language is, here I will add to what was said and explain in more detailed what you need to learn from each one.

The main goal of this course is to help introduce you to the art of body language.  While I will not be able to teach you everything that

there is to know about this fine art. I will do my best to give you some basic understanding and get you started on your journey.

In this first lesson we are going to talk a little about what body language is and how you can learn to quickly recognize the signs

and signals that people are sending you. Remember this when you come to the learning about your man’s language.

Body language can truly speak louder than words. Different body parts like; eyes, hands, arms and legs can be used in different

ways, with each one having several meanings. It is a very powerful method of communication that most of us use without even

realizing we are using it.

Understanding the art of body language and being able to identify the different body signals people are using is a great skill to have or to acquire ! Even without the use of words, you can effectively send your message to another person, and that person to you.

By learning how to understand body language you can quickly identify and determine their moods,emotions,feelings, and desires.

Before we continue, lets look at a video that tells us a little about this great art.

This will give you the ability to control almost any situation by knowing how to react to it in advance.

For instance, most of the time the use of…

Direct eye contact- indicates interest, positive thinking, and sincerity. However, it could also mean: mistrust, doubt, and suspicion.

Lateral eye movements may mean the person is lying, or inspecting his surroundings making sure no one or everyone is listening.

Often when some one is trying to recall or imagine something, they will look upward. On the other hand looking down

may indicate submission to an authority or guilt.

Did you know that your hand and arm gestures can also display different meanings? Besides the obvious ones that we see people

use everyday, like waving, pointing or others that we won’t discuss in this lesson.

Let’s go over a few, but before we see what is next, let us watch this video.

If someone talks with their palms facing upwards, they are showing sincerity.

If someone talks with their fist clenched it is a sign of anger or hostility.

If you encounter somebody who taps or drums their fingers on a surface, they are showing feelings of nervousness or anxiety.

Arms crossed across the chest is a display of defense and protection from an outside source, or may simply indicate that they

disagree with what is being said.

Now lets talk about a type of body language that we all like and that is the language of love!

We naturally use our bodies when we are looking for a little romance, and flirting is one of the best examples of body language that I can think of!

Body language can help you show someone that you like him or her, and likewise, you can determine if somebody is attracted to

you. The most basic and first sign of attraction is the smile. The wider the smile, the more he or she is into you.

Let’s say you are in opposite corners of a room and you see someone who interests you. You can use your eyes to send an

invitation with a lingering, soft look or by giving a quick look and suddenly looking away, and then back to eye contact again. This is a form of flirting and definite sign of interest that many of us use without even thinking.

Looking from the eyes down to the lips and back to the eyes again also indicates possible romance. Other gestures can also be

signs of attraction, like if the person is facing you directly or leaning towards you.

Of course body language can also let you know if that someone is not interested. A hard look or glare can say “back off” louder

than saying the actual words. Other signs of disinterest are looking away, keeping the mouth shut tight, turning the body away, staring at people other than you, crossing the arms, and moving away are just some of the clues that he or she is not interested in having a romantic encounter with you.

Body language isn’t all about love it can also help you detect lies! You don’t need to launch a full scale investigation to determine if

somebody is being dishonest with you. All you need is some basic understanding in the art of body language to spot a liar. The

simplest way to detect lies is to simply look for signs of discomfort, anxiety, and nervousness. The inability to look directly into your eyes, fidgeting fingers, shuffling feet, sudden crossing of the arms or legs, glancing around the room, and forced smiles are the most common clues that someone is lying to you.

Often the volume of a persons voice will become softer than usual when lying, but during a defensive state of mind, they will usually

raise their voice. You may also notice speech errors, such as mispronunciation, stuttering, stammering or that they talk faster

than normal. Now, I don’t want to you get paranoid that everyone is lying to you just because they don’t look at you or because they happen to cross their arms when you are talking to them. I also don’t want you to assume that everyone who looks at you across a room is ready for romance!

The meanings and interpretations of body language are not always true and definitive. Body language involves many gestures

and movements that all have to be considered when you are attempting to determine someone’s inner feelings and emotions

and we will be talking more about that in the next lesson of  body language course


Different types of Body Language

I will mention here the different types of languages that people express themselves with their body…I will only mention 15 of them and will explain each one as we go on this great journey of learning about them, so with that said, here they are in alphabetical order.

1. Agressive

2. Attentive

3. Closed

4. Deceptive

5. Defensive

6. Dominant

7. Emotional

8. Evaluating

9. Greeting

10. Open

11. Relaxed

12. Power

13. Ready

14. Romantic

15. Submissive

These are the ones, you will be able to learn about each one of these and detect everyone of these languages when you spot them on someone you know, or anyone by that matter.

Remember that we speak more with our body than with our voice, at least most of us do, I know, you probably have an aunt that talks more than a wet parrot and  if you close her mouth, words come out of her elbows… any way, lets learn about this great language.




ABC’s of a Heavenly,Healthy & Happy Relationship

I know that this article here has nothing to do with body language, but I was thinking, why not give this good advise to my readers so they can have a bonus to go with it, so please read the following article carefully so you can learn something about the ABC’s of a relationship

ABC’s of the three” H” Relationship
For a Heavenly,Healthy & Happy Relationships, here are some basic guidelines for reference. They are in alphabetical order only, not order of importance.

Acceptance – Don’t try to change someone, let me repeat that again, DO NOT TRY TO CHANGE SOMEONE (do not try to change him ladies) This is a must. If a person really wants to change, that person will need to be motivated and take action on his own. Period. Also regarding acceptance, accept limitations. He is not Superman; you are not Wonder woman. You nor him are the super heroes. No one is perfect; so do not expect perfection. Accept the little flaws that come with each person. You accept theirs; they accept yours. That’s life! Now isn’t that nice?, where we can accept the other person for what they are, not what you want them to become. I am sure that many of us need a change in life anyway, but in reality, if there are going to be any changes, that person is going to have to do them on their own, or else it will be like pulling a train cart. Get the idea?

Bonding – Bonding with another person generally does take time. Communicate – talk, listen, share the good and the bad, ask questions, compliment instead of nag or insult.(wait a minute, this those not sound like body language material to me, we will get to that later, don’t get ahead of yourself), In short be a friend; make a friend. That is healthy. If this bonding is lacking, it may mean professional help is needed (like a counselor or therapist) or it may be time to move on to healthier relationships.

Communications – Be open to the other person. Check judgmental attitudes at the door. And give chances. Be fair, flexible and friendly. If and when things get out of hand and it is your fault, apologize and ask forgiveness and move on. Similarly, be acceptable to apologies and grant forgiveness, too. Life is too short to stay focused on the negative too long. No need to deny it; face it, deal with it and move on past it to improve and strengthen your relationships.

Dependable – Be a friend; i.e. be dependable. Things happen from time to time and cancellations are a part of life. But on the whole, if you say you’ll do something, do it. Take responsibility for your own actions.(man, that sounds rough, take responsibility for your own actions)

Expectations – Movies, romance novels and television shows often portray life, especially human relationships, very differently than it is in the real world – this is no secret. How many people really always look like movie stars, have zero health ailments, endless income without hardly ever going to work, fabulous cars and homes, friends and family who totally adore them and come to their beckon call, no long-term problems because they all end so quickly, etc.? And who can battle serious issues like one person having an affair with someone else, and wrap the whole storyline up in two hours? Get real. Expect a little less than the media portray and learn more about humans by joining the real world scenario.

Flexible – Keep a little mystery in the relationship. Juggle your schedule and invite the other person to a surprise picnic or walk at a local public park area.

Goals – People usually have some goals together over time. Develop some together. Toss what no longer works, what you outgrew or what may no longer seem important or is finished. And then inherit or create new goals. Working toward a common cause like saving for an annual vacation or a new garden area can help people grow together.

Health – Take care of your own health and encourage others, too. Even in this day and age of cable television with movies and the Internet available 24 / 7, it’s still amazing the number of people out there who can’t “Just say no” to unhealthy behaviors like smoking and drug abuse. Don’t be afraid to share your healthy views and encourage healthy choices and living.

Intimacy – Closeness with a person takes time to develop. And there’s more to intimacy than physical contact. Intimacy can mean a hug during a tough time, a smile of encouragement in the face of adversity and compassion when you least feel like giving. Don’t abuse or take advantage or the other person. And don’t let yourself be abused or taken advantage of. Intimacy takes commitment and sharing.

Just say no – You don’t always have to be voiceless or agree with someone in a relationship. Be able to say, “No” and be an individual, too.

Keep in Touch – Don’t let life separate you too long. With technology today, you can stay in touch with cell phones and email. No need to overdo it and be obsessive and controlling, but do stay in touch off and on throughout the day with quick “Hellos” and “How are things going?”

The Basic Body language Attraction

The Basic Body language attraction is just that, an  attraction which according to the dictionary means:

  1. The action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something: “the timeless attraction of a good tune”.
  2. A quality or feature of something or someone that evokes interest, liking, or desire.

Evoking interest is what the language speaks from the body without saying a word, the eyes evoke interest, the hand movements evoke interest and much of what the man’s movements are.

Signs of attraction can be easy to spot when you know how to look for it, example, when a man looks at you once and he looks at you again and continues to look at you with out saying anything, his eyes may be talking if you can only hear what they are saying.

How to read body language has been covered in this site several times, but to read this silent language is another thing, women have learned that if they are going to be ahead of the game, they must read their opponent and know exactly what he is thinking, that is the reason for this article.

This language as many spoken languages, has it’s meanings, easily to be understood by those who have learned the meaning of it, but instead of words coming out of your mouth to communicate, the eyes do the reading of the individual, in your case, the man.  The hand movements, the direction of the eyes, the movement of the lips, the raising of the eyebrows, the crossing the legs or the arms etc… so, besides reading that the man is not interested, this language also shows if the man “is” interested in you, so it has a great interest to be able to learn every movement.

Body Language Basics Course #2

It’s time for your second lesson. As promised in this lesson we are

going to talk more about the different types of gestures and body

movements that people use to communicate, so that you can you

can learn to interpret them better.


Consciously or unconsciously, as humans we all send and receive

messages through body language. It is virtually impossible for us

to not to use our bodies when we interact with each other.

There are several gestures that people use in different specific

situations. For instance; at work, during a job interview, a dinner

date, or even in a casual conversation. The eyes, arms, and hands

are the body parts most frequently used to communicate, even


Eye contact is the strongest form of body language that we use.

As small as they are the eyes carry big meanings and indications

behind them. With your eyes you can let someone know that you

are interested, sincere, and attentive.

As we discussed in the first lesson the lack of eye contact and

inability to prolong it may mean that a person is lying, hiding

something, or that they are becoming bored or uninterested.

Did you know that our eyes naturally perform scans when we see

something new?

This is especially true when we meet a new person. We use our

eyes to check out the appearance of another by looking first, in the

eyes, then down and back up to the eyes again. This is a typical

response when people first meet. It allows us to gain our first

impression of someone new and we do it automatically.

Your eyes can easily express different feelings that you are having.

They can also help you determine what someone else is feeling

and what their current state of mind is. But you have to be careful

not to misinterpret what people are saying to you.

For instance, the act of winking can be a signal of agreement or

a sign of flirtation. While glancing often means a moment of


On the other hand if a persons eyes widen quickly, it is a signal of

shock, surprise, or disbelief.

When someone squints at what you are saying, it can mean that

they are analyzing what you have to say or that they are trying to

determine weather or not you are telling the truth.

These our just a few of the things that the eyes can tell us. Our

eyes can clearly express what we feel or desire at any time and

the ability to understand what people are telling you with their eyes

can help you in more ways than one.

Now let’s talk about what our arms have to do with our

communications skills.

Did you know that standing or sitting with arms crossed across the

chest is one of the most powerful and basic gestures used by


People can literally form a barrier between themselves and

another person just by crossing their arms.

When you are talking to someone and they cross their arms, most

of the time it means that they oppose, suspect, or doubt what you

are saying.

But, if they are talking to you with their arms crossed, it could

mean that they are nervous, lying, or hiding something from you.

On the other hand it may simply mean that he or she feels cold!

This body language thing can be tricky!

That is why it’s important to consider all of the postures,

movements and gestures when you are trying to read someone

else’s body language.

Along with our arms, our hands also have a lot to say.

In lesson one we briefly talked about open palms and that if some

one talks to you with their palms facing up they are often

expressing sincerity and honesty. This can also mean that they are

comfortable with you and that they are interested in what you have

to say.

On the other hand (no pun intended) a clenched fist is a very

clear indication of frustration, anger, resistance, and defense.

But there are times where a clenched fist could indicate

that they have confidence in their idea or opinion.

I told you this stuff is tricky!

Did your mother ever tell you to get your hands out of your

pockets when you were little?

That’s because the pockets are never the right place to put your

hands. Especially when you are engaged in a conversation with

another person.

If you are speaking to a person with his hands in his pockets it

may indicate that he is nervous, uncomfortable, bored, or

uninterested. This gesture can also indicate  that he may be hiding

something from you or that he doesn’t want to engage in a specific

activity or task.

Our hands can make several gestures, each with a difference in

meaning. We can express just about anything through them. For

instance if you want to let another person know that  you are

interested in them or in the conversation, your hands can

emphasize that for you.

If you want to let someone know that you aren’t interested your

hands can express that for you too.

Weather we know it or not we all use our eyes, arms, hands legs,

head, and our body posture to communicate with each other. That

is why learning how to read body language is such an important

skill to have. We are all born with a basic instinct when it comes to

body language interpretation, but just like anything else in life we

have to hone that skill.

Because a persons actions definitely have more honesty

compared to the words coming out from his mouth.

Look for your next lesson soon! We will be going over some

quick tips that you can use to further hone your body language

skills along with some ways that you can use your new skill to your


Until then practice observing the ways that other people use their

bodies to communicate. Just don’t jump to any conclusions that

will get you in to trouble and remember I cannot be held

responsible for misinterpretations 😉

The A to Z of Relationship Building

Since  anyone just about can learn the nuts and bolts or better yet, the A to Z of the of relationship building, focusing on some basic and proven techniques that can be learned is a must. The main ones, in no particular order, are:
– Read: “Read” people well, this is done without listening to any words from the person, just watching him.
– Rapport: Develop rapport with others well, also meaning that you must have a conversation with him.
– Finesse: Have some finesse; i.e. handle conversations and activities in a cordial manner
– Conflict Resolution: Resolve negative issues and conflicts without too much friction
– Support Co-Op: Gain the support and cooperation in working towards a common goal

Let’s take a little closer look at each one and what learning is involved.


Body language is the meaning behind the words or the “unspoken” language. Surprisingly, studies show that only up to an estimated 10 percent of our communication is verbal. The majority of the rest of communication is unspoken. This silent language isn’t rocket science. However, there are some generalizations or basic interpretations that can be applied to help with the understanding or translating of these unspoken meanings. Here are some basics below.(again, we will talk later about the Body language of men)

Smile – People like warm smiles. Think of a heartfelt warm-fussy, maybe your favorite pet, and smile.

Eyes – -If you don’t look someone in the eyes while speaking, this can be interpreted as dishonesty or hiding something. Likewise, shifting eye movement or rapid changing of focus/direction can translate similarly. If more than one person is present in a group, look each person in the eye as you speak, slowly turning to face the next person and acknowledge him or her with eye contact as well. Continue on so that each person has felt your warm, trusting glance. Some suggest beginning with one person and moving clockwise around the group so that no one is missed, and so that you are not darting around, seemingly glaring at people.

Attention Span / Attitude – Other people can tell what type attitude you have by your attention span. If you quickly lose focus of the other person and what is being said, and if your attention span wanders, this shows through and makes you seem disinterested, bored, possibly even uncaring.

Attention Direction – If you sit or stand so that you are blocking another in the party, say someone is behind you, this can be interpreted as rude or thoughtless. So be sure to turn so that everyone is included in the conversation or angle of view, or turn gently, at ease and slowly, while talking, so that everyone is incorporated, recognized and involved in the conversation. Again some suggest the clockwise movement when working a group.

Arms Folded / Legs Crossed– This can be seen as defensive or an end to the conversation. So have arms hang freely or hold a glass of water, a business card or note taking instruments while communicating with others. Be open with open arms. Note: If you need to cross legs, cross at your ankles and not your knees. Sitting tightly folded up says that you are closed to communications.

Head Shaking – This is fairly accurate. If people are shaking their heads while you speak, they are in agreement. If they are shaking, “no,” disagreement reigns in their minds.

Space / Distance – On the whole, people like their own personal body space. Give people room and keep out of their space. Entering to close can be intrusive and viewed as aggressive.

Leaning – Sitting or standing, leaning is viewed as interest. In other words, an interested listener leans toward the speaker.

Note others’ body language – While you are with others, note how their bodies read. If a person suddenly folds his arms across his chest and begins shaking his head “no,” you’ve probably lost him. Might try taking a step back and picking up where the conversation began this turn for the negative and regroup. It’s all about strategic planning!


Disclaimer for this Blog

Note that the contents here are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all health care planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. The content within only presents an overview of Dating and Relationships research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.

Body language of men is an instructional guide to help recognize signs whether positive or negative and should there arise a need for a professional advise, than it is a professional personal that you need to seek for.

Body Language is…


…An universal language, it does not matter what part of the planet you are from, BODY LANGUAGE is the same practically where ever you go, I will get into the “body language of men” later, but first  lets start with the most common ones as many people observe when others use this language without even knowing what they are doing:


Folded arms – Can be (Not always) negative, uncomfortable, sometimes it can mean the person is cold.

Crossed legs – Can be negative, uncomfortable, tired of sitting straight etc…

Turned up foot – Can be negative, tension.

Wringing of hands – Frustrated, nervous,tensed, discomfort.

Hands behind head – Very confident. Can be arrogant, relaxed, thinking future plans or past romantic events.

Sat back – Can be negative.

Sat forward – Show interest to speaker or person talking.

Fingers or hands over mouth – Deceit, holding back, lied.

Raised eyebrows:

  • Person is amazed.
  • Person is surprise.
  • Person is shock.
  • Accompanied with a head nod upward, is a greeting.

Smiling with one eyebrow raised: mischief, something up their sleeve.

Ambivalent with one eyebrow raised:

  • It shows surprise.
  • could be disbelief.
  • and can be arrogance.


Eyes – upward toward the right (their left).   Trying to recall memories.

Eyes – upwards twardo the left (their right).    Creating visual images, we think in pictures, could be a lie.

Hello Ladies world!

This site is dedicated to all the ladies in any part of the world that are interested in finally figuring out how this this creature call man functions, that is a BIG (lol) if you ask me…but since you are not asking me, i will tell you.

I am a male, not a bi male or half male or a quarter male, I am a full 100% male, but I want to help you ladies get an advantage of men since we think that we always should have this advantage. I believe you should know something about the language that we normally take for granted but speaks louder than words, so these articles are written just for YOU, so you can wise up and start checking this guys movements to see what they are telling you wile his words say something else. (You can’t wait to start, right?) first read about the secret to learning body language

Most body language teachings, seminars, books, e-books, pamphlets, videos etc…are written or complied for men or people in general so you can know something about them. But here, we will focus specifically on the body language of men not women. It is amazing how we men give out so many signals without knowing how we feel about a woman, hum mm, am sure by now if any man sneak in here to read this article, he is probably shouting to me ( his computer) saying, shuuuuuuuttttt up..(sorry) but am sure they don’t like to be discovered or surprised when a lady like you learns all about how to…

you’ll go from “totally confused” to knowing exactly what’s on his mind… and in his heart!undefined